The prize pool for this challenge is 100 000 CND. 

The final results for trade ideas will be calculated during the night of 7 August - 8 August (at 00:00 UTC). Even if proposed trade ideas have not reached take-profit or stop-loss values, the return will be calculated as of 00:00:00 08.08.19

The rewards will be credited after the results announcement. 

The winners will receive payments to their confirmed ETH wallets on 1 September. We’re developing a solution that would help us to transfer the rewards faster. 

The users will be rewarded in direct proportion of their points to the total number of points of all participants. The top 50 most successful participants will get the rewards. Cindicator retains the right to change rewards system depending on participants’ results. 

Points gained or lost in a special challenge will not affect the rating in the main challenge.