For every question, you can win (or lose) between -130 and 130 points.

Your main goal is to forecast the most and the least profitable asset. Those two position weight up to 50% of total points each. 

If you put the best performing asset on the second place and the worst performing asset on the 4th place you will get half of the points. In a question with 4 or more assets, correct forecasting of 2nd and 4th position weight up to 10% of a total point each. If you put the 2nd performing asset on the first place and the 4th on the 5th place you will get half of the points. Points deduction works the same way. 

You will not get any points for the right forecast of middle position assets(the 3rd asset for questions with 3 or 5 assets and 3rd, 4th, 5th assets for questions with 6 assets).