2.9.10 build

  • Improved the question filters, allowing only questions from the challenges you care about to show up in your feed; 
  • Minor bugfixes.

2.9.9 build

  • Added new “special challenges”, more info soon.
  • Minor bugfixes

2.9.7 build

  • Added Korean language support;
  • Renewed logo in accordance with brand new style of Cindicator.

2.9.6 build

  • Range questions now have the price right above the input field;

  • Fixed the log out issue when user occasionally logged out from the app;

  • App is now available in South Korea;

2.9.1 build

  • Added a way to easily manage your settings for receiving email newsletters;
  • Improved the registration procedure;
  • Added a checkbox for agreeing to receive our emails. 

2.9.0 build 

  • Improved the process of managing your settings: changing the password, email, ETH wallet, and other important things;

  • Minor bug fixes.

2.8.10 build 

  • Improved the feedback questions about the difficulty;

  • Minor bug fixes.

In this update, we’ve improved the feedback questions about the difficulty. It’s those quick questions that ask you about how difficult it was to make a forecast. Now, these questions are displayed selectively and less frequently.

2.8.9 build 

  • New type of questions. The open-ended questions!

  • Minor bug fixes.

Now you can enter any answer to a broad question. For example, a question might ask to name the most promising companies and explain why you picked them. As long as your answer fits the required minimum and maximum number of questions, you’re good. The risk / reward is great for you. You won’t lose any points if your forecast was wrong, but you can win if you gave a correct answer. We can’t wait for your insights!

2.8.8 build

  • New statistics screen with a detailed history;

  • New type of question asking you to choose dates;

  • The statistics screen will allow you to see your rating for previous months, allowing you to see if you’ve managed to improve your performance. If you click on a specific month, you can see detailed statistics for that period, including your number of forecasts, your average accuracy, and the number of points you’ve earned for each question. Now it’s even easier to track your progress!
  • The new question type will let you make forecasts about when you think a specific event will happen. You can easily submit your prediction by picking the day, the month, and the year.

2.8.6 build

  • Your combination of filters is now saved even when you close the app (until you tap on the brand new ‘Clear filters’ button!);

  • You can now check your prize money balance (displayed in ETH) in the settings under the public Ethereum address field;

  • Unsure how the points you received for your forecast were calculated? Click on ‘How points are calculated’ at the bottom of the question screen;

  • The double price question design has been slightly updated to make comparing your prediction with the actual results – and by extension your life – easier;

  • Fixed: sometimes you weren’t able to update your notification settings. Now you can 100% of the time.


2.8.5 build

  • Completely redesigned filters. Swipe up to close the filters screen, switch between Traditional markets and Crypto markets categories in just one tap and enjoy updated look-n-feel;

  • Save button on the settings screen. Confirm the changes of your account settings by pressing Save button in the top right corner of the screen — or don’t and discard them on your way off the screen.

2.8.4 build

  • Fixed: The reminder function on the question screen was sometimes disappearing. Not anymore.

2.8.3 build

  • Push notifications for new questions — turn them on in Settings for Traditional markets questions, Crypto markets questions or both!

  • New field in the Profile section for a public Ethereum wallet address. Fill it out if you are — or plan to be — eligible for receiving prize money.

  • 3D touch support. Open Traditional markets or Crypto questions, stats, or ratings straight from the springboard!

  • Answers to the binary and rank questions can now be edited only for 30 minutes after you had submitted your answers. Watch out!

  • Server maintenance warnings are now smarter and shinier. They only block user interface if it’s absolutely necessary.