2.10.18 build

  • Added Korean language support
  • Renewed Cindicator logo
  • Added a link to the community chat in Settings

2.12.3 build

  • Added a way to manage the settings for receiving newsletters. 
  • Improved the registration procedure
  • Added a checkbox for agreeing to receive our emails. 

2.11.3 build

  • Added a way to manage the settings for receiving newsletters;
  • Registration procedure, adding a checkbox for agreeing to receive our emails. 

2.10.13 build

  • Search function was fully rebuild;

  • Avatar function were fixed, you can now upload your photo;

  • Facebook login button was fixed;

  • Minor bug fixes;

  • Localization minor fixes.

2.10.8 build

  • New statistics screen with a detailed history; 
  • New type of question asking you to choose dates; 
  • New settings screen.

The statistics screen will show your rating for previous months, letting you check if you’ve improved your performance. The new question type will let you make forecasts about when you think an event will happen. The new settings screen is more intuitive and lets you set all your options in the same section.

2.9.8 build

  • Performance and stability improvements;
  • Fixed: Several nasty app crashes.

2.9.4 build

  • Now you set a reminder so you can get a notification 30 minutes before the question’s deadline. Pro-tip: you can tune your answer according to the latest data;

  • Push notifications for new questions — turn them on in Settings for Traditional markets questions, Crypto markets questions or both;

  • New field in the Profile section for a public Ethereum wallet address. Fill it out if you are — or plan to be — eligible for receiving prize money;

  • Server maintenance warnings are now smarter and shinier. They only block user interface if it’s absolutely.