A value question is a question where you need to predict a certain value: it can be a minimum or maximum price of an asset over a given time period, a hardcap for an upcoming ICO, the number of Bitcoin hardforks in the space of a year etc. Remember how we asked Hybrid Intelligence to predict the maximum price of Bitcoin in 2018? That was a value question, too. 

How are points calculated for value questions?

To calculate your points we use a  special parameter called range. Range differs for each question and is defined by our analytical team to account for the complexity of the question. You can get from -75  to 75 points for your prediction: to get the maximum number of points, your prediction needs to be 100% accurate. If it falls by 0.35 of the range you’ll get 0 points and if it falls by 0.7 of the range or more a maximum fine of -75 points will be imposed.

Points = 75 - |real_value - user_value| / (range * 0.35) * 150