NOTE: The schedule may vary depending on the number of forecasts.

Indicators are published according the following schedule:

  • Weekly S/R level: Fiat – every Monday at 14:00 UTC;

  • Weekly S/R level: Crypto – every Monday and Thursday at 15:00 UTC;

  • Price level indicators – at various times during the day, depending on the tier of access;

  • Market event probability indicators – at various times during the week, depending on the opinion of our analysts on the state of the market and on the number of related questions in the app;

  • Community choice indicators – the first on Mondays and the second to be announced;

  • ICO ranking – every 1–2 weeks depending on how many decent ICOs are announced.

You can look at the timetable of indicators for each day by clicking on the “Indicators” button in the main menu.