A priсe range question is a type of question in which you are asked to set a price range for an asset over a certain time period. It can be the maximum and minimum price during a particular period, open and close prices, etc. Your goal is to try to estimate, as closely as possible, the actual minimum and maximum values during that period.

How are points counted for range questions?

To calculate your points we use a  special parameter called range. Range differs for each question and is defined by our analytical team to account for the volatility of an asset for the period in question. You can get from -75 (if both predictions fall farther than 0.7*range) to 75 points (if both predictions are 100% accurate).

Points = 75 - (|real_min - user_min|+|real_max - user_max|)/ (range * 0.35) * 150