Fixed Income is an automated, market-neutral trading strategy that provides returns regardless of turbulent market conditions. When you think of Fixed Income, think of the word, steady. The crypto market could see a 5% or 10% fluctuation within a 24-hour period, but Stoic AI’s Fixed Income abilities remain steady through the storm.

Fishermen tend to throw an anchor overboard when they want the boat to stay in one place. Fixed Income acts as that anchor amidst the wavy fluctuations in the crypto market.

How Does Fixed Income Work?

Stoic’s Fixed Income strategy works to steadily grow your portfolio by automatically purchasing spot assets, then shorting them simultaneously on the Futures market. Earnings are secured using the Binance funding fee, a commission paid out to futures sellers about every 8 hours. Stoic AI’s algorithm regularly rebalances long and short positions to mitigate risks and improve gains.

What are the Fees Involved?

While Fixed Income is not fully live nor open to the public, there are additional fees on top of what you’re already paying for Stoic. We are currently gathering feedback from our community and developing the pricing offers.

How Does Fixed Income Performance Vary?

Performance varies largely on market sentiment. What is the overall attitude, or feelings of investors towards the current market conditions? Fixed Income utilizes a basic income of approximately 12% APY which can either increase when the market grows or decrease when the market falls.

How Does Fixed Income Execute During Market Crashes?

When the crypto market goes down, retail investors can desire to short futures, resulting in a Binance funding fee decrease. It is possible that the fees may even dive into the negative at times. If fees are extremely low, such as -0.2%, Stoic can close positions while protecting profits and capital.

Which Cryptocurrencies does Fixed Income Trade with?

Our team believes in utilizing a balanced portfolio of crypto assets to maximize the potential for accumulating funding fees. Portfolio’s worth less than $15k will only trade in ETH, while larger portfolios will spread trading efforts amongst 15 of the top 50 coins by market capitalization.

Is Stoic’s Fixed Income Strategy Secure?

We take security seriously. The app does not have the ability to withdraw funds out of the account and can only execute trades on your behalf. Our team of security specialists enforces the company’s zero trust principles, risk management compliance, and systematic checks to provide a secure environment trusted by thousands of happy clients.

How Do I Know my Funds are in Good Hands?

Our company is an official Binance Broker, having been vetted by one of the top crypto exchanges in the world. We have been in business since 2015, boasting over 15,000 clients with over $130M in total assets deposited.

Does Fixed Income have Portfolio Size Restrictions?

The minimum amount to deposit into your new sub-account on Binance is $500 worth of any cryptocurrency. Fixed Income will not execute effectively on deposit amounts smaller than $500. Users earn the same return percentage whether they invest $500 or $500M.

Can I Withdraw my Funds at Any Time?

Yes. Stoic AI does not have the ability to withdraw funds. Only you can initiate and remove funds from your account whenever you wish without time restrictions.

How Do I Get Started with Fixed Income?

To get started with Fixed Income, simply follow the prompts within the Stoic AI app to:

1. Open a new Binance sub-account

2. Fund your new sub-account with at least $500 in any crypto

3. Create an API key and scan the QR code

The above steps are explained in the onboarding walkthrough within the app. Don’t have the app? Visit either the Google Play store or the App Store to download and create an account.

What should I do after Fixed Income is Integrated with my Binance Account?

No further action is necessary. Allow the app to do all the heavy lifting to fully manage your portfolio. Feel free to check in occasionally to view the performance inside your account. Please do not manually place any trades within your connected Binance account. Only manage Stoic from inside of the Stoic app.

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