This article will explain how to switch from a Long-only strategy to a Fixed income strategy in the app.

  1. On your main screen tap on the "New Fixed Income Strategy" button:

  2. Please note that customers from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Australia, and Hong Kong, and retail users of the United Kingdom won't be able to use Fixed Income Strategy, more info here. Hit the "I can use Futures" button:

  3. Use the "Connect Fixed Income strategy" button:

  4. If you have a sub-account ready to use please hit the "I created a new sub-account" button. If you still don't have a sub-account please check the following article on how to open it here.

  5. Top up your account, for at least 500$ and hit the "I made a top-up" button:

  6. After you have created an API Key, enable Futures trading and add IP Whitelist select the "Open Camera" option, and scan your API key QR code:

That's it, your account will start integration with Stoic Service.

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