In this article, we will show you how to purchase and sell CND tokens via the Uniswap platform.

1. Go to Uniswap portal :

2. Log in to your wallet (in this case we will use MetaMask), by tapping on the "Connect to a wallet" button:

3. Select the desired option (MetaMask in our case):

4. Confirm the connection to your MetaMask. (PLEASE NOTE: the wallet will ask permission to connect if you decline the connection you won't be able to purchase the tokens).

5. After confirming your wallet use the "Select a Token" option:

6. Type "CND" in the search bar:

7. Hit the "Import" button:

8. Confirm the import (Please make sure the address is correct 0xd4c435F5B09F855C3317c8524Cb1F586E42795fa):

9. Now select the tokens that will be used to purchase CND:

PLEASE NOTE: if you’re exchanging any ERC20 to CND (or vice versa), you have to give permission to Uniswap to spend your tokens - just sign the respective message.

10. Enter the desired amount CND to buy:

11. Hit the "Swap" button:

12. Confirm the purchase by tapping on the "Confirm swap" button and confirm the transaction in your wallet:

13. The purchase will now be confirmed by the network. After the confirmation you will be able to see your tokens on your wallet.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to sell your CND tokens you should use the switch and select the desired amount that you want to sell:

That's it. If you have any questions regarding the CND tokens purchase, please message our support team via the email

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