The main issue with this is that CND is not a mintable token and therefore it can’t be used to reward Stoic users, and rewards are the crucial part of this project. However, to ensure a fair distribution, CND token holders will be eligible to stake their CND and receive STOIC airdrop for free. The amount designated solely for CND Holders staking is two times bigger than the current CND market capitalization. We reserve the right to adjust this amount in either direction.

We believe that launching a separate token for Stoic is beneficial for all the parties. We have also checked this idea with the biggest CND holders and they’ve voted in favor of it.

Finally, CND and STOIC have fundamentally different value propositions. The CND token was designed to access Hybrid Intelligence indicators for analytics and discretionary trading by advanced and expert users. And the STOIC token will be used in automated trading products, available to anyone, regardless of their skills.

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