Our customers are eligible to have a sub-account feature enabled on their Binance account.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Binance account should be verified in order to proceed.

How to apply for a sub-account:

  1. Open the Typeform using the following link:

  2. Fill in your email address that's used in Stoic and hit the OK button:

  3. As the next step, you should fill in your Binance User ID:

  4. Open the link to your dashboard, your Binance User ID will be at the top left corner of the screen:

  5. Copy your Binance ID and paste it into the form, after that hit the 'Submit' button.

    That's it, your application is submitted. Usually, it takes up to 7 working days to activate the sub-account option.

    PLEASE NOTE: The activation of the sub-account depends on the Binance team; we can't control the following process.

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