The previous system had critical drawbacks:

  • A large portion of rewards go to analysts who contribute very few (if any) forecasts to revenue-generating products;

  • Intense competition and the focus on rewards causes many analysts to collect ETH or CND and leave the platform before building the track record required for their forecasts to be used in products;

A significant share of these churned ‘analysts’ are botnets that answer randomly – the Cindicator team bans hundreds of bots every month but some inevitably fall through the cracks, stealing rewards from real hard-working contributors;

  • This, in turn, siphons away the ecosystem’s resources, limiting the funds that are available for rewarding the top analysts and developing new products.

The team observed and debated these issues internally for years. The arrival of the first revenue-generating products, however, made something clear: forecasts are valuable if they become part of a product.

The new system is designed to consistently reward the very best analysts, whose forecasts form the basis of Cindicator products.

The system also encourages new users to compete and climb to the top. If a person is serious about developing as an analyst and turning forecasting into a profession, two or three months of training are a worthwhile investment.

Casual users are also welcome, though without a consistent track record their forecasts will not be useful for Hybrid Intelligence products, hence they will not receive monetary compensation. If they show great potential, they can always compete to join the premier league.

Only top 50 analysts in the crypto or traditional rating get the rewards.

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