For every question, the reward for top 50 analysts in the crypto or traditional rating will be calculated as:

1 point = 1 CND

This simple formula makes it easier to fairly evaluate both the work required and the accuracy of forecasts.

Every month, the accumulated points balance will be reset and the competition will restart with a clean slate.

Additionally, the monthly rewards for the top 10 will be multiplied by coefficients based on the ratings:

1st place = 10x

2nd place = 5x

3rd place = 3x

4-10th placee = 2x

There is no upper limit for rewards. The more questions there are, the higher the potential reward for the month. And the more accurate the forecasts an analyst makes, the higher the actual reward.

The top 10 analysts will also get complimentary access to Macro Sentiments, Stoic, and other future products. The monthly price of that package alone is over $700. As long as analysts will maintain their top ranking, their access will remain free.

⭐️ Rewards system update: linking accuracy and CND

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