Stoic makes all trades in a specific time interval daily.

Why does Stoic trade only once a day?

Research and backtests showed that daily rebalancing is currently the most optimal given the market volumes. More frequent trading would increase costs through additional fees and slippage. In general, overtrading is a big concern in crypto. Just seeing the eyewatering moonshots drives many traders to jump on the bandwagon. Usually, that happens when it’s too late and the price is about to crash. Stoic eliminates this issue: it methodically opens and closes positions every day so you don’t have to FOMO buy anything.

The result of trades is the newly-formed portfolio of top 20-30 alts. You see your portfolio changed in the app and you can swipe left to see yesterday's or earlier daily assets allocations.

Stoic strategy rebalances the weights between different coins based on their quantitative parameters as well as based on some input from Hybrid Intelligence. Mainly the rebalancing happens according to the data coming from the market that goes through some complex math developed by the team of quant researchers here at Cindicator. The goal of the strategy is to make USD profits and outperform BTC in the same time period.

The number of trades Stoic makes may vary. You can always check your trading activity in Binance.

If you noticed that your trading activity in Binance account managed by Stoic has stopped for a day, be calm, this is completely normal. It can happen in case the allocations differences are smaller than a minimum tradable volume for all the assets.

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