Please note: you can send fees from any wallet or from your Binance.

If you already have the necessary amount of USDT to pay the management fee, please go to step 4.

  1. If you don't have enough USDT right now, you will need to buy it first. The easiest way would be to use the Binance Convert function that you can find in the Trade tab. Please tap on the Trade button:

  2. After that, select the "Convert" option:

  3. In the Convert tab, please select:

  • which currency you would like to convert to USDT in From field

  • Select USDT in the To field

  • Type in how much you want to convert (the management fee)

  • Press Preview Conversion and Convert

  • This is it! now you have enough USDT to proceed further

4. Open the Binance website, go to the Profile tab, and the button with your email (as shown in the screenshot).

5. Tap on the Dashboard button:

6. In the Dashboard section press the arrow button next to the "Deposit":

7. Select the "Withdraw" option:

8. In this section select USDT as a coin you want to withdraw and fill in the ETH address that was provided to you by Stoic.

For your convenience, you can request the payment details to be sent to you by email by pressing the Send to email button in the Stoic app. Please copy the ETH address from the email and paste it into the Recipient's USDT Address field.

9. Fill in the amount requested as a management fee in the Amount section taking into account the Transaction fee.
Please double-check that all fields are filled in correctly and that the ERC20 Network is selected.

10. Press the Submit button. It might take up to one hour for the transaction to go through and get registered by Stoic. We will notify you once the payment is confirmed.

If it's not, check out this article.

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