If you paid first and then connected your keys, trading starts within 24 hours after keys are connected and not from the payment.

If you connected keys first and paid afterwards, trading starts within 24 hours after the payment.

If your payment is not accepted in the app even though you've made the transfer, trading will not start. See this article to sort out the insufficient fees issue.

After your fees are accepted, trading will start within next 24 hours!

Stoic makes trades once a day in a specific interval, once you hit this daily interval trading happens. You will receive a push and see your portfolio instead of the DEMO one!


If it's been more than 24 hours, please give us 12 hours just in case we need more time for your onboarding, but if nothing happens after that, do this:

Check your Binance account, you can always see your trading activity there. If the trades have already started in Binance, in an hour or so Stoic should form a portfolio and DEMO thing will go away.

If you don't see trading activity in Binance 36 hours after setting up, please send a message into the in-app chat and we will sort everything out and provide an explanation!

If there are activities in Binance, but Stoic's still showcasing you the DEMO, please send a message into the in-app chat and we will swiftly fix this issue for you!

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