What do I need to start using Stoic?

Binance Global or Binance US account specially for Stoic

Stoic will manage all funds available in your Spot balance.

Thus, if you don't want to get some of your funds sold by Stoic when it will form a top 30 altcoins portfolio, it is recommended to use a separate Binance account. Also, we strongly recommend not to create any trading orders on the Binance account that you use for Stoic – these orders will get in conflict with the Stoic trading strategy.

Please note that a non-verified Binance account (no KYC procedure) works fine with Stoic as Stoic doesn't require any of the verified account's features to operate. So, setting up a separate Binance account for Stoic is no different from registering an account in any other service on the web.

Binance sub-account will work as well!

Any cryptocurrency in your Binance account

What crypto you have in your Binance account before connecting Stoic doesn't matter, Stoic will form your portfolio by itself first day of trading.

The portfolio value should correlate with the one you choose during the set up and if Stoic detects more, it will ask you for fees again.

How do I set up Stoic account?

  • Choose the amount of funds you want to give Stoic for management
    (=the amount of funds you have in the Binance account you want Stoic to manage)

  • Pay the asked fees to the given address
    (this address was given to you only and is tied to your mail in our database)

We ask to send us fees only, funds you want Stoic to manage should be sent to your Binance account you want Stoic to manage.

  • Wait for the fees to be accepted

  • Create the API-keys for your Binance account you want Stoic to manage
    How do I set up the Binance API key?

  • Stoic will ask you to scan the API-keys QR-code

Please note: secret key should not be hidden!

  • All set!
    Within 24 hours after you connect the API-keys trading starts! 🚀

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