Stoic is a Cindicator’s new fully automatic portfolio manager.

In short, Stoic is like a crypto quant hedge fund for everybody: it can make profits while saving you time and avoiding costly trading mistakes.

Stoic will automatically manage your crypto portfolio on Binance using a trading strategy developed by the team behind hedge fund Cindicator Capital. Since 2015 we’ve been collecting data from financial forecasts which are then processed by ML models to deliver a signal. Then we use those signals to develop a trading strategy. We decided to start with a long-only index strategy for top-100 altcoins which are being rebalanced on a daily basis to ensure that the portfolio remains stable and growing.


✔️ No time or skills needed — it’s 100% automatic

✔️ Just 5% management fee — no hidden costs, everything earned by Stoic belongs to you

✔️ Withdraw funds any time — no lockup

✔️ Minimal starting amount is just 1000 USDT


🏆 Performance this year: +2,189% in USDT, beats BTC

🏆 Total funds of Stoic’s users exceed 100$ million

🏆 During the November crash, Stoic helped users save 20% of their profits

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You can join our community in Telegram and ask other Stoic users about their experience:

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