Stoic’s strategies are built by the team behind Cindicator CapitalA Cindicator quantitative crypto fund powered by Hybrid Intelligence operating in digital assets markets.

It’s a combination of forecasts from 156,000+ analysts registered on the Cindicator platform and AI algorithms.

Stoic’s first strategy started to trade live in early 2020. At its core, it's a top 30 altcoin portfolio with daily rebalancing using Binance API.

Each day the strategy rebalances the weights between different coins based on their quantitative parameters, also taking into account the indicators created by Hybrid Intelligence.

Since the beginning of this year up to 31 August, the strategy made +124% in USD and +23% in BTC. You can check more recent strategy performance yourself in the Stoic Demo view.

We’re planning to add more investment strategies to fit everybody. Cindicator Capital’s team is already testing dozens of strategies.

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