No! You can pay fees from any wallet. It’s just often easier to pay from Binance because you’re already logged in when creating the API keys.

Some watchful users noticed that if they pay fees from Binance, there is now less stuff for Stoic to manage… That’s true, but fees you paid cover the whole sum until the next year. You can just buy more crypto on Binance to restock your balance.

Here is an example.

It’s November 1 and you have $1000 on Binance, so with 5% fees, you need to pay $50. You send $50 from your Binance account and now there is only $950.

But your fees covered the automated trading of $1000 until November 1 next year. So at any time until then you can add another $50 for Stoic to manage without paying any additional fees.

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