What are the auto savings?

Savings is a financial product that Binance provides for its users to lend and earn interests. Users can automatically lend their idle crypto assets to Binance Margin, and get interests.

How can it affect the Stoic performance?

A portion of the assets that you have auto savings enabled for is automatically transferred to the savings account every day where Stoic can't manage it.

This leads to the incorrect calculation of the return (Stoic considers the funds sent to the savings account as lost) and overall the funds located in the Savings account can't be managed by Stoic.

How can I disable the flexible savings?

  1. Log in to your Binance account and go to the Earn section and press "Products" quick action. Alternatively, you can just use this link to open the Savings control page.

  2. If you have any assets marked as "Auto transfer"-able, please disable the Auto transfer for them. Please make sure to expand the list and check that all auto savings are disabled.

  3. This is it! If some of your funds have already been transferred to the Savings Account, you can transfer them back under Stoic management.

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