After you add more funds to your Binance account, we'll ask you to pay the additional 5% fee on the deposit amount for the rest of your pre-paid year. You will receive the payment details by e-mail.

If you want to learn more about how we calculate deposit management fees, please visit this article.

Please note! Due to the high transaction fees on the ETH blockchain, we will only ask you to make a payment after the total management fee for the deposited funds exceeds 20 USDT. This is how it works:

Let's say you deposit $100 in ETH after 6 months from the start of your management period with Stoic. Management fee of 5% for 6 months of management will be about 2.5 USDT:

100*5%*(6/12) = 2.5 USDT

To avoid unnecessary ETH blockchain transaction fees (which can easily exceed the $ 2.5 management fee itself), we will not ask you to pay a management fee immediately.

Instead, you will only receive an invoice after the management fees for all of your deposits exceed 30 USDT.

Don't worry, Stoic will include the deposited funds in its trade starting the next day, even if you haven't paid the management fee yet.

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