if you already have the required amount of USDT, you can immediately proceed to step 4.

1. Open https://www.binance.com and log in using your credentials.

2. Go to the Trade tab and select Basic. If you feel confident using a classic exchange interface, select Classic.

3. Select which asset you'd like to convert to USDT.

Select USDT in the To field.

Enter the amount you'd like to convert. Click "Preview conversion" and make sure that the amount is sufficient to cover the management fee.

You can check current prices in the Markets tab:


4. Once you have the necessary amount of USDT, proceed back to the Binance main page and press the button with your email in the Profile tab. You will be redirected to the Dashboard.

4. In the Dashboard section press the Withdraw button.

5. In this section select USDT as a coin you want to withdraw and fill in the ETH address that was provided to you by Stoic. 

6. Fill in the amount requested as a management fee in the Amount section taking into account the Binance Transaction fee.
Please double-check that all fields are filled in correctly and that the ERC20 Network is selected.

7. Press the Submit button. The funds will be transferred to the ETH address. Stoic will start managing your Binance portfolio within the next 24 hours.

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