Create new API key

Pay attention:

  • The API key management is not supported by the Binance mobile app or by the mobile version of the Binance website.
    Please use the desktop version of the website to proceed.

1. Open and log in using your credentials.
Click the profile tab (a circle with the first letters of your email) in the top right part of the screen and then the "API Management" button.

2. You will be asked to give the API key a label.
We suggest giving it a name that will help you immediately recognize this API key e.g. "Stoic API key".

3. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. Click the "Go to email and verify" button and follow the provided in the email instructions.

4. Once you click the "Confirm new API key" button in the email, you will be redirected to the API list page and you will see the API you've just set up.

Saving the Secret Key and editing restrictions

5. First of all, you should save the Secret Key somewhere safe.
Pay attention: The Secret key is displayed only once after the API was created and can't be restored. If you lose this key, you will need to delete this API and set up a new one.

6. Once the Secret key is securely stored, press the "Edit restrictions" button.  
Check that “Enable Trading” and “Unrestricted (Less Secure) IP Access” settings are On, and the “Enable Withdrawal” option is Off.
Press "Save" once the restrictions are set. 

7. Congratulations, the API was successfully set up!

Please use the API key and the Secret Key you obtained in Step 5 to connect Stoic to your Binance account. 

Editing restrictions for the Binance Sub-Account

If you use Sub-Account, you will be presented with slightly different options in the API key creation menu.

Please make sure to select Enable Spot & Margin Trading and Unrestricted API access. Stoic will require only these two functions to manage your Sub-Account.

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