Choice questions are a type of question where you need to select a limited number of options from a list. 

Single choice questions require just one option as an answer, while multiple choice questions allow you to select several options

The number of options can vary but both the minimum and maximum limits are stated before the list of options. For example, there can be a list of ten options and you will be asked to select from two to five options that fulfill certain criteria.
Your goal is to select all of the correct options while avoiding the incorrect options.

Example of a single choice question:

Apple Inc.’s board of directors will declare a cash dividend on 9 August. What will be the size of Apple’s dividend per share this quarter?

a) higher than last quarter

b) the same as last quarter

c) lower than last quarter or no dividends

Example of a multiple choice question:

Which three of the following assets will have the highest relative performance in USD from the starting price at 12:00 AM UTC September 26, 2019 to the last price at 11:59 PM UTC October 9, 2019? Choose from 1 to 3 options.

a) Ripple

b) Bitcoin

c) Ethereum

d) Bitcoin Cash

e) Litecoin

f) Stellar Lumens

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