How are points calculated for choice questions?

Choice questions can have different maximum numbers of points that can be gained or lost. The number is shown in the question.

Single choice questions

If you have chosen the correct option you will receive the maximum number of points. If you have chosen one of the wrong options, you will lose half of the maximum number of points.

Multiple choice questions

Imagine you were to select one to three options in a 75-point multiple choice question.

When the results are announced you realise that you selected three options, of which two were correct and one was incorrect, and you didn't select one of the  correct options.

To calculate your points we use the following formula:

  • For each correctly selected option you get max_points / # of correct options points. In this example you will gain 2 * (75 / 3) = 50 points.
  • For each incorrectly selected option you lose (max_points / (# of correct options^2 -# of correct options)). In our example you will lose 75 / (3^2 - 3) = 12.5 points.
  • Points for correctly and incorrectly selected options are then summed up. In total, you will receive 50 - 12.5 = 37.5 points which will round up to 38 points.

Your goal is to select all the correct options while avoiding the incorrect ones. You may have detected that the penalty for selecting an incorrect option is less than the reward for selecting a correct one, but we don't recommend maximizing the number of options you select: usually there are fewer correct options than incorrect options, and you are likely to lose points by simply guessing.

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