We conduct reward transfers once per month on the first day of each month.

The reward is transferred automatically within 24 hours (until 23:59 UTC) if the following conditions were met:

  1. You got into top 50 analysts in the crypto or traditional rating.

  2. Your prize money balance exceeds 3000 CND

  3. You have your ETH address filled in the Profile section

⭐️ Rewards system update: linking accuracy and CND

If you haven't received the reward within three days, contact us via in-app chat or support@cindicator.com.

How can I add the ETH address to receive the reward?

In order to add the ETH address please find the “Add wallet address” button in the Profile section of your chosen platform and press it. This will request a verification email being sent to your email address.

Please follow the link in the received letter to open the Edit wallet address field. Type or copy and paste your address in the field and press the button Done in the right top corner. 

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