Cindicator bot setup instructions

If you're a new user then you will need to go through our registration procedure.
If you have faced any problems during registration process, please visit our support section - or contact us on

Also we suggest you to pay attention to a series of video guides about Registration process which would help you to complete the registration.

To go through registration procedure you will need:

  1. A Telegram account (download Telegram here

2. CND tokens (the exact number depends on the plan you want to access – more info here:

3. A private wallet (MetaMask, Mist, MyEtherWallet).

4. Ethereum tokens in your private wallet (for making transactions).

Setting up a Telegram account

1. Visit the App Store or Google Play and search for Telegram. Download and install the app on your mobile device. Open the app and register an account.

2. If you want to use Telegram for desktop, go to the official website at Download the desktop version for your computer.

3. Open the downloaded file and install the program. After installation is finished, open the app and enter your mobile phone number.

4. Open your mobile phone app and check the verification code.

The main menu will then appear. This means that Telegram has been successfully installed.

How to move your CND Tokens from Binance

1. Open and log in using your credentials. Click on the funds tab and then on withdrawals.

2. Type “CND” in the withdrawal field and click on Cindicator.

3. Complete the “CND Withdrawal address” field with your ETH wallet address and the number of tokens you would like to withdraw.

Click submit when you are ready.

Check your transaction afterwards to see if it was successful.

Setting up the Cindicator Bot

The registration process can be also completed on a mobile device.

The process is similar

1. On Telegram’s main menu, click on the search panel and enter “CindicatorBot”.

2. Click and open the CindicatorBot chat.

3. Click on the start button at the bottom of the app.

4. The following message will appear:

5. Paste your public ETH address and press enter. The following message will appear:

Now make a transaction to verify your wallet.

NOTE: You cannot use your exchange wallet address!

Making a transaction from your wallet

NOTE: You will need a small amount of Ethereum to make a transaction.

1. Open your wallet (in this case we are using MetaMask wallet). Click on your Account address to copy it.

2. Click on the Send button.

3. Paste your address and enter your code, provided by the Bot, in the Hex Data field (if you don't see this field, activate it in the settings, see How to send a transaction from MetaMask). Enter 23,000 as gas limit and 1 as gas price (these are just example figures). Click on the Next button.

NOTE: For current gas limit values, please refer to

5. You will now find this transaction at the top of your sent transactions. Click on it to open

NOTE: Your transaction can take some time to clear so please be patient

NOTE: If you are using other wallets please follow the instructions via the links below:




6. After opening the Etherscan site, check if your transaction was made successfully and leave the page open.

Finishing the registration process

1. Click on the following link or copy the link at the bottom and paste it into your web browser.

2. Click on the start button.

3. Return to the transaction page (on the Etherscan site), copy your transaction hash, paste it into the bot chat, and press enter.

4. If the data provided in step 3 is correct, entering the transaction hash will launch the verification process. In case of success, you will receive this message and see the menu interface.

Your Cindicator Bot is ready. Сlick on the indicators button to find out when today’s indicators will be released. If there is nothing there, wait until 00:00 UTC when the information will be updated.

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