To use the bot, you should have a public Ethereum address with a certain amount of CND tokens.

NOTE: MetaMask, Parity, Mist, MEW - preferred wallets.

Your access depends on the amount of CND tokens in your possession. You will receive Cindicator Bot notifications corresponding to your package level, including the relative tier of indicators that are generated by our analyst datasets and run through multiple machine learning layers for greatest accuracy.

Find below the distribution of indicators depending on the amount of tokens you’re holding:

Beginner >5000 CND
Crypto: Community choice indicators, Event probability indicators;
Traditional: Event probability indicators

Explorer >30 000 CND
All Beginners indicators plus:
Crypto: Weekly support and resistance indicators, Price level indicators

Trader >200 000 CND
All Explorers indicators plus:
Crypto: ICO ranking v.0.9 beta;
Traditional: Weekly support and resistance indicators, EPS indicators

Expert >700 000 CND
All Trader indicators plus:
Crypto: Price level indicators;
Traditional: Price level indicators

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