The Cindicator app is a collective forecasting platform where thousands of analysts generate various forecasts daily, answering a number of specific questions regarding crypto and traditional financial markets.

Make accurate forecasts on financial markets, the stock market, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and other crypto assets, and win real money every month!

More than $100,000 has already been paid out. Compete with traders, financial analysts and investors from around the world without investing your own money. Cindicator is much better than any stock market game or virtual trading simulator.

One of our analysts has already joined Goldman Sachs in New York. Will you be the next to join Blackrock?

With Cindicator you can:

1. Win money from your intellectual work.
You just need to make financial market forecasts on a regular basis and do it more accurately than others.

2. Enhance your trading, financial and analytical skills.
You will receive constant feedback about the accuracy of your financial market forecasts, allowing you to test different trading ideas and improve your financial and stock market analysis.

3. Public recognition of your analytical skills in financial markets, the stock market and trading.
You can prove your financial market forecasts are better than those made by highly paid Wall Street stock market analysts. As an independent party we can certify your track record of financial market analysis.

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